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605.02 Objections to Instructional Materials

Citizens of the Ankeny Community School District may object to instructional materials, including supplementary classroom materials, and content accessible from District-owned technology devices despite the selection process. It is the responsibility of the Superintendent/designee to determine administrative regulations for reconsideration of instructional materials.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code §§728.1.

Cross Reference:
ALA’s “Library Bill of Rights”
Copyright Policy (TBD)

R.R. for Policy #605.02

The procedure for handling reconsideration of challenged instructional materials in response to questions concerning the appropriateness is as follows:

  1. The staff member will listen to the concerns of the complainant, inform the complainant of the selection procedure, the purpose and context for the use of the materials, and attempt to resolve the situation informally.
  2. If a resolution cannot be reached informally, the student involved in the challenge will be provided alternative materials and not be required to participate in lessons or activities involving the challenged materials during the challenge process if his/her parent or guardian so requests.
  3. If steps 1 and 2 do not result in satisfaction for the complainant or the request is to remove the materials from the curriculum entirely, the staff member will request the complainant submit a formal “Reconsideration Request Form” to the building principal. The staff member will inform his/her building principal.
  4. Upon receipt of the completed form, the principal will request review of the challenged material by an ad hoc committee. The Chief Academic Officer will be notified that such a review is being conducted. The Review Committee will be appointed by the principal within ten (10) calendar days of receipt of the written complaint. The committee will be comprised of another principal, an elementary teacher librarian, a secondary teacher librarian, two teachers (including a member from the grade level or department where the instructional materials are being used), three community residents, and two secondary students (students grades ten through twelve). The Director of Curriculum, Assessment, and Professional Development will facilitate the committee. The complainant may present to the committee (if requested ), but will not be a member of the committee.
  5. Challenged materials will be used during the reconsideration process, with students other than the student involved in the challenge (if his/her parent or guardian has requested alternative materials) unless the Review Committee requests temporary removal for unusual circumstances.
  6. The Review Committee will take the following steps after receiving the challenged materials form:
    1. Set a date for completion of the review process
    2. Read, view, and/or listen to the material in its entirety,
    3. Listen to the complainant’s presentation (if requested),
    4. Check the general acceptance of the material by reading reviews and consulting recommended lists, and
    5. Determine the extent to which the material supports the curriculum.
  7. The Review Committee will present one of the following recommendations, within (ten) 10 calendar days, to the complainant and the Chief Academic Officer: (1) retain the material, (2) withdraw all or part of the material, or (3) limit the educational use of the challenged material.
  8. An appeal of the Review Committee’s decision may be filed, within ten (10) calendar days by the complainant with the Chief Academic Officer.
  9. Within ten (10) calendar days of receipt of an appeal, the Chief Academic Officer will convene the School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC) to consider and review the recommendation received from the Review Committee.
  10. The School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC) will present one of the following recommendations to the Superintendent/designee in a timely manner: (1) retain the material, (2) withdraw all or part of the material, or (3) limit the educational use of the challenged material.
  11. The Superintendent will review the SIAC’s recommendation and will respond to the Review Committee Facilitator, the Chief Academic Officer, and the complainant within fifteen (15) calendar days. A decision will be rendered to: (1) retain the material, (2) withdraw all or part of the material, or (3) limit the educational use of the challenged material.
  12. Following the Superintendent’s decision, the complainant or the chairperson of the Review Committee may appeal the decision to the Board of Education for review. The Board of Education will hear the appeal within one month following the filing of the appeal. Following the appeal hearing, the Board of Education will decide whether to sustain or to overrule the Superintendent’s decision.
  13. Pursuant to state law, any person dissatisfied with the decision of the Board may appeal to the Iowa Department of Education.
  14. Under unusual circumstances, the Board of Education may waive the timelines as stated.

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