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606.05 Student Field Trips and Excursions

A properly-planned, well-conducted, and carefully-supervised field trip or excursion can enhance the educational program and may be considered subject to the parameters outlined herein.

Generally, with approval of the superintendent/designee, each grade level may arrange one field trip of significant educational value to a location of within a reasonable distance of the district each academic year. The superintendent/designee has discretion to authorize additional field trips within a reasonable distance of the district when a compelling educational reason exists for their occurrence. Field trips shall take place during the regular school day, unless, in the superintendent/designee’s discretion, educational reason(s) exist for the field trip to happen, in full or in part, outside of the school day and such trip will not cause an undue hardship for students, families, and/or the district.

The Board will  typically only  sponsor, subsidize, or approve travel for extracurricular- activities –those activities that are not a part of the regular school academic program and for which no approved class credit is given- held within the state and approved by recognized and approved organizations, including but not limited to Iowa High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) and Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union (IGHSAU).

Field trips and/or excursions (extracurricular trips) outside of the state must be approved by the board.  Typically, the board will only approve the use of state and/or federal funds to cover, in full and/or in part, the cost of an out-of-state field trip or excursion, when the trip is approved by an organization(s) represented by the Unified Iowa High School Activities Federation.  The principal of the attendance center at which the students participating in the proposed field trip or excursion are enrolled shall inform the board secretary of the request for out-of-state travel in the manner prescribed by the superintendent/designee.

In general, the Board will not sponsor, subsidize, or approve any field trip or excursion (extracurricular trip) outside the State of Iowa. The exception to this out-of-state policy may be granted only (1) by application to the Board of Education, and (2) if the approved activity is related to those programs which are at least partially reimbursed by state or federal funds, or those activities approved by the organizations represented by the Unified Iowa High School Activities Federation with the approval of the Superintendent/designee.

Classes and extracurricular organizations may request board approval of a trip typically not authorized by this policy pending approval by the relevant building principal and superintendent/designee.

Legal Reference:
390 C.F.R. Pt. 390.3(f) (2006)
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Cross Reference:
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503.60 Good Conduct Rule
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702.50 Extracurricular and Other Transportation
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