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606.10 Class Size

The board shall have sole discretion in determining the class size. The board shall review the class size guidelines annually.

The superintendent shall make a recommendation to the board on class size based upon the budget of the district, the qualifications and number of personnel, and other factors deemed relevant by the board.

Without limiting the board’s determination of available space under policy 606.06 Insufficient Classroom Space, a maximum class size of 25 students in kindergarten and 27 students for grades one through five will be considered. Class size will be determined by counting students in the general education program and integrated special needs students. When calculating class size and overcrowding, the administration may reserve places for growth in the class as a result of anticipated new resident students.

For special education students, the district will use the formula for caseload determination specified in the District Developed Special Education Service Delivery Plan.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code §§279.8, 280.3

Cross Reference:
602.01 Curriculum Development, Implementation and Evaluation
501.05 Enrollment and Attendance
606.06 Insufficient Classroom Space

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