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606.20 Social Events


All parties, club meetings, or social events (those held under the auspices of the Ankeny Community School District) are to be held in an Ankeny District building unless permission is obtained from the Principal/designee prior to the event.

The faculty sponsor or sponsors are to be present at the meeting or party for the entire time the group is meeting. If the party is an all-school party or if the group numbers more than 50, a minimum of two members of the faculty should be present.

In general, parties will be scheduled on Friday or Saturday nights. If it is necessary to hold them on school nights, they should last no longer than 9:30 p.m. Parties on Friday or Saturday nights may last no longer than 11:30 p.m. Any exceptions to these closing hours must be cleared by the Principal/designee.


Seasonal parties will be held in elementary schools during recognized holiday seasons in October, December, and February.

No mandatory collection of money from students is allowed.

The school may purchase seasonal decorations.  If a tree is displayed, it must be artificial and treated with a flame retardant. Artificial trees’ decorations may be lit with small low-voltage electric lights. Battery operated lights/devices are acceptable.

Each room may have a party with refreshments and activities. No student gift exchanges are permitted.

For activities where students are dressing up, the attire should be simple, related to theme of the activity, not be time consuming to put on and not be disruptive to the educational climate.

Students who do not wish to participate may opt out. (Policy 604.05 Religion Based Excuse from School Program)

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