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606.30 Animals in the Classroom

Live animals will not be allowed in District facilities except under special circumstances and/or curricular purposes. The principal will have the discretion in these circumstances. Appropriate supervision of animals is required when animals are brought into District facilities.

The person bringing the animal must furnish transportation for the animal. Animals will not be allowed to travel to and from the student’s attendance center in District vehicles.

It is the responsibility of the principal to determine appropriate supervision of animals and the parameters of its stay in the classroom.

Service animals are not covered by this policy.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code ยง 279.8 (2009).

Cross Reference:
507 Series Student Health and Well-Being
106.00 Assitance Animals

R.R. 606.30 Animals in the Classroom

Generally at the elementary level, animals will not be in a classroom due to health and safety issues. Animals that are allowed must have proper and current vaccinations, if appropriate.

When animals are allowed, classroom parents will be notified.

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