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701.50 Policy on Second Servings

The district follows the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and National School Breakfast Program (NSBP) dietary guidelines. Accordingly, the district creates menus that result in nutrient-rich meals at appropriate caloric levels. Extra portions or additional purchases of dishes served as part of the NSLP and/or NSBP will result in additional calories and exceed recommended guidelines.

To ensure students have access to nutritious food that meets their health and energy needs, the district may offer second servings of dishes served as part of the NSLP to students at the secondary level (grades 6-12) and/or to students at the elementary level (K-5) who present appropriate documentation from a physician as described in this policy. Any additional caloric needs should be requested prior to the lunch period to ensure availability of all items to all students.

Parents/guardians of elementary students (K-5) interested in having their child(ren) receive extra servings due to concerns about their child(ren)’s daily caloric needs must provide medical documentation demonstrating that their child(ren) require extra calories. Upon receipt of this documentation, the district will collaborate with the requesting family to address their child(ren)’s dietary goals.
To the extent provided by law and policy, the district may charge for additional servings and/or additional dietary items requested outside of the planned NSLP menus.

Legal Reference:
Public Law 111-296
42 U.S.C. §§ 1751 et seq.
7 C.F.R. Pt. 210 et seq.
Iowa Code ch. 283A.
281 I.A.C. 58.

Cross Reference:
701.10 Purpose of Nutrition Services
701.45 Meal Charge
701.60 Vending Machines

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