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701.60 Vending Machines

Food served or purchased by students during the school day other than the reimbursable meal must follow guidelines set forth by the Iowa Healthy Kids Act. Vending machines located in school buildings are managed by the building principal with support from district administration when needed. Purchases from any school-based vending machines will reflect the guidelines in the district’s policy on wellness.

It is the responsibility of the Superintendent/designee to develop administrative regulations for the use of vending machines and other sales of food to students before, during, and after building operational hours.

Legal Reference:
42 U.S.C. §§ 1751 et seq.
7 C.F.R. Pt. 210 et seq.
Iowa Code ch. 283A
281 I.A.C. 58.

Cross Reference:
503.07 Student Fund Raising
504.11 Wellness
701.10 Purpose of Nutrition Services

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