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702.30 Student Eligibility for Transportation

Elementary and middle school students (students in grade K-9) living more than 2 miles from their designated attendance centers, and high school students (students in grades 10-12) living more than 3 miles from their designated attendance center are entitled to transportation to and from their attendance center at the school district’s expense. The district is not required to provide reimbursement to parents who elect to provide transportation in lieu of district-provided transportation.

The distance to the designated attendance center or to an approved bus route is measured on a public street or highway only and over the most passable and safest route for the school bus. The measurement starts in the middle of the roadway opposite the driveway entrance to the student’s private residence and ends in the middle of the roadway opposite the nearest driveway entrance to the school grounds or designated pick-up point on the bus route.

Any student who is eligible for transportation may be required to meet a school bus on an approved route a distance of not to exceed three-fourths of a mile from their home without reimbursement.

When transportation by school bus is impracticable or where school bus service is not available, the Board may require the parents/guardians to transport their children to the school designated for attendance. The parent/guardian will be reimbursed for such the rate per mile set by the state.

For student safety, the District has discretion to determine if there are areas in which students will be provided transportation regardless of the distance between their designated attendance center and their homes. When making this determination, the district will review: analysis of traffic patterns and cross walks and additional factors as the district deems necessary.

Students with special transportation needs will be provided transportation services as required by student’s IEP, state or federal laws.

When possible, the district may offer “Pay-To-Ride” transportation services for those students who do not qualify for transportation under the state code. Additional information about this service will be made available on the district website, in student handbooks, and/or in other district publications.

R.R. for policy #702.30: Pay-to-Ride Student Transportation Program

2021-2022 Pay-To-Ride Registration Procedures

What is Pay-To-Ride?

State law requires school districts provide transportation to elementary and middle school students living two or more miles from their attendance centers, and to high school students living three or more miles from their high school (AHS and ACHS). Pay-To-Ride transportation services are for those students who do not qualify for transportation under the state code. If you are unsure if your address qualifies for free transportation, please use the address lookup tool on the district website.

Specific dates for each phase of the pay-to-ride process will be communicated via the district website.

Phase I: Open Request

Families will submit a request for Pay-To-Ride via the online TouchBase system. This request does not guarantee Pay-To-Ride eligibility. Instead, the request process allows the District and Durham to determine if space is available for students requesting Pay-To-Ride on the bus routes established for the new school year. New bus routes will not be added. Students who Pay-To-Ride will be added to already established bus routes.

  •  Online via TouchBase – view online registration instructions if you need assistance.
  •  If you are unable to access TouchBase from your home, please contact the Ankeny Schools District Office at 515-965-9600 to set up an appointment to complete the application at the District Office – 306 SW School Street.

Phase II: Feasibility Processing and Communication

Durham will determine the feasibility for each request, based on capacity of established routes and timing of established routes. Durham will communicate the feasibility for each student to families within five (5) business days of the end of Phase II. For students who are added for Pay-To-Ride, transportation will be added to Infinite Campus.

Students will be assessed fees for round-trip  and one-way transportation. Fees will be communicated via the district website. The fee will be assessed once Durham confirms the route. An email will be generated from for payment due upon receipt. If the fee is not paid within six weeks of the start of ridership, the student will no longer be eligible for Pay-To-Ride.

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