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702.65 Transportation in Inclement Weather

District buses will not operate when weather conditions due to fog, rain, snow or other natural elements make it unsafe to do so. Because weather conditions may vary around the district and may change quickly, district personnel will exercise the best judgment possible given available information to determine if buses will operate.

The superintendent/designee will make the final determination as to whether conditions are unsafe for bus operations The Superintendent/designee will be assisted by the actual “on location” report(s) of the driver(s).

When weather conditions deteriorate during the day after school has begun, cancellation notices will be announced/published. Students will be returned to their regular drop-off site unless prevented by weather conditions. In that case, the district will notify parents/guardians to establish the protocol for the student’s safest return.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code § 279.8.

Cross Reference:
702 Series: Transportation

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