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703.30 Purchasing and Planning for Maintenance and Operational Systems Department

The Maintenance and Operational Systems Department will purchase and plan for necessary materials and supplies according to the following guidelines.

  1. The Chief Operations Officer/designee is responsible for purchasing, installing, and distributing supplies and/or repair parts.
  2. Purchase orders are to be approved by the Chief Operations Officer/designee.
  3. Purchases, other than those necessary to meet operational emergencies, are to be discussed in advance with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and if applicable, the appropriate bidding procedure will be followed. Items of quantity or price requiring appropriate bidding procedures will require advance approval by the CFO as to procedures followed in bidding.
  4. The Chief Operations Officer/designee will recommend needed improvements and procedures. A plan for meeting those needs and methods of financing will be coordinated through the Exec. CFO prior to implementation.
  5. The building principal will compile a list of maintenance projects each spring prior to summer vacation and forward that list to the Chief Operations Officer/designee and the CFO.
  6. The Chief Operations Officer/designee, in consultation with the CFO, will plan, organize, and implement the necessary programs for custodial-maintenance-grounds to accomplish the program purpose.

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