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802.10 Local, State, and Federal Income

All income received by the district shall be placed in the hands of the board secretary/treasurer. Other persons receiving revenues on behalf of the school district shall promptly relinquish them to the board treasurer.

Revenue, from whatever source, shall be accounted for and classified under the official accounting system of the district.  The board treasurer/designee shall deposit revenue into the official district depositor(ies) as set by the board and in accordance with the laws of the State of Iowa.

Rental fees received by the district for rental of school district equipment or facilities shall be deposited in the general fund.  The superintendent/designee shall recommend to the board a fee schedule for renting school district property.

Proceeds from the sale of real property shall be deposited in the physical plant and equipment levy (PPEL) fund.  However, following a properly noticed public hearing, the board may elect to deposit proceeds from the sale of real property or buildings into any fund under the control of the district.  The proceeds from the sale of other school district property shall be deposited in the general fund.

The board may claim exemption from the law prohibiting competition with private enterprise for the following activities:

  • Goods and services directly and reasonably related to the educational mission;
  • Goods and services offered only to students, employees, or guests which cannot be provided by private enterprise at the same or lower cost;
  • Use of vehicles for charter trips offered to the public, full- or part-time, or temporary students;
  • Goods and services not otherwise available in the quantity or quality required by the school district;
  • Telecommunications other than radio or television stations;
  • Sponsoring or providing facilities for fitness and recreation;
  • Food service and sales; and,
  • Sale of books, records, tapes, software, educational equipment, and supplies.

The superintendent/designee shall bring additional sources of revenue for the district to the board’s attention. District funds from all sources shall not be used for private gain or political purposes.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code §§ 12C; 23A; 24.9; 257.2; 279.8; 41; 282.2, .6, .24; 291.12, 297.9-.12, .22; 301.1

Cross Reference:
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