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802.20 Tuition Fees

Every school shall be free of tuition to all actual residents between the ages of five and twenty-one years and to resident veterans as defined in section 35.1, as many months after becoming twenty-one years of age as they have spent in the armed forces of the United States before they became twenty-one, provided, however, fees may be charged covering instructional costs for a summer school or drivers education program. The Board of Education may, in a hardship case, exempt a student from payment of the above fees. Every person, however, who shall attend any school after graduation from a four-year course in an approved high school or its equivalent shall be charged a sufficient tuition fee to cover the cost of the instruction received by the person. This section shall not apply to tuition authorized by chapter 260C.

For purposes of this section, “resident” means a person who is physically present in a district, whose residence has not been established in another district by operation of law, and who meets any of the following conditions:

  1. Is in the District for the purpose of making a home and not solely for school purposes.
  2. Meets the definitional requirements of the term homeless individual under 42 U.S.C. Section 11302 (a) and (c).
  3. Lives in a residential correctional facility in the District.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code Chapters 282.1A, 282.4

Cross Reference:
501.31 Approval of Open Enrollment Transfers In
501.32 Open Enrollment Transfers

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