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802.30 Educational Material Fees

The board may elect to charge fees for the use or purchase of educational materials (“materials fees”) not required as part of the educational program.  Materials fees received by the district shall be deposited in the general fund.

The superintendent/designee shall recommend to the board when the instances when materials fees will be charged and the amount of the materials fees. The superintendent/designee shall establish regulations to administer the sale of educational supplies and materials not required as part of the instructional program, to district students. These regulations shall include the methods used to determine the selling prices of the items to be sold.  The board shall officially adopt the regulations governing the sale of supplies and materials.

Parents of students meeting specific financial eligibility standards will be eligible for a waiver or reduction of student fees based upon the request of the parent. The superintendent/designee superintendent shall develop administrative regulations regarding these waivers.

Cross Reference:
503.03 Fines-Fee-Charges

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