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802.41 Use of District Property and Equipment

The Board grants the Superintendent/designee permission to allow the use of District equipment on limited occasion by the public or by vendors contracted to the District. Use of District equipment typically requires a custodial hire. Damaged equipment will be repaired or replaced by the user.

Any District employee using District-owned property or facilities for a use outside their duties as an employee is doing so as a renter, and not as a District employee. All renters will follow Policy 1004.40 Fees for Use of District Facilities when using District property and/or equipment.

If the use of communication equipment radios is permitted, the person(s) in charge of radio use will sign a contract addendum agreement with the following commitment:

  • The responsible individual signing the District contract understands the communication equipment operates on public airwaves that are able to be monitored by the District, as well as State officials, at all times. The use of this equipment is restricted from private conversation, offensive language, or any communications that do not contribute to the management of people or activities directly relative to the reason of public good for which this equipment loan has been specifically and temporarily authorized.

Cross Reference:
1004.40 Fees for Use of District Facilities
1004.50 Community Use of District Facilities

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