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803.51 Construction Change Orders


To specify the authority for the approval of construction contract change orders.

Process and Content

  • The Board of Education will receive a report and take action on all construction project change orders at the first available regular Board meeting after the details of the change are known and ready to be finalized.
  • The Superintendent or his/her designated representative is granted authority to provide contractors permission to proceed change orders of $25,000 or less and waiting to receive Board approval may cause a delay in the project workflow with the stipulation that the change orders will not:
    • Provide facilities not included in the standards for facilities as approved by the Board of Education.
    • Authorize bid alternatives specifically excluded in the award of the original contract.
    • Extend the contract completion date.
    • Significantly alter the design or extent of facilities provided for in the original contract.
    • Accumulated changes are not in excess of the contingency authorized by the Board of Education for that project.
  • All change orders in excess of $25,000 be submitted to the Board of Education for approval prior to the Superintendent or his/her designated representative granting a contractor permission to proceed.

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