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804.65 Governmental Accounting Practices and Regulations – Statement 54

District accounting practices will follow state and federal laws and regulations, generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), and the uniform financial accounting system provided by the Iowa Department of Education. As advised by the district’s auditor, determination of liabilities and assets, prioritization of expenditures of governmental funds, and provisions for accounting disclosures shall be made in accordance with governmental accounting standards.

In Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statement No. 54, the board identifies the order of spending unrestricted resources applying the highest level of classification of fund balance – restricted, committed, assigned, and unassigned – while honoring constraints on the specific purposes for which amounts in those fund balances can be spent. A formal board action is required to establish, modify and/ or rescind a committed fund balance. The resolution will state the exact dollar amount. In the event the board chooses to make changes or rescind the committed fund balance, formal board action is required.

The board authorizes the board secretary/designee to assign amounts to a specific purpose in compliance with GASB 54. An ‘assigned fund balance’: should also be reported in the order of spending unrestricted resources but is not restricted or committed.

The superintendent/designee shall develop administrative regulations implementing this policy and make recommendations to the board regarding fund balance designations.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code §§ 257.31(4); 279.8; 297.22-.25; 298A

Cross References:
805 Series – Records
801 Series – Budget
802 Series – Revenue

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