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805.10 School District Records

The superintendent/designee shall oversee the maintenance and accuracy of district records according to the schedule below:

To be Maintained Permanently

  • Annual Statistical Reports
  • FICA & IPERS Reports
  • Job Applications of Those Hired for Employment in the District
  • Individual Payroll Records
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Legal Cases
  • Attendance Records
  • Local Education Agency – Certified Annual Report
  • Audit Reports
  • Oath of Office for Board Members
  • Board Minutes
  • Monthly Bills Lists
  • Employee Termination & Resignation Records, including Reasons for Termination
  • Bond & Coupon Register Student
  • Accident Reports (Challenged in court)
  • Budgets (Certified)
  • Student Permanent Records
  • Certified Enrollment
  • Transportation Reports
  • Real Property Records, Including Easements, Abstracts, & Deeds
  • Treasurer’s Annual Reports
  • Employee Record Summary
  • Union/Association Master Contracts
  • Medicaid Files and Claims
  • Secretary’s Financial Records
  • Treasurer’s Financial Records

School District Election Results To be Maintained for Twenty Years

  • Workers Compensation Injury Report
  • Student Accident Reports
  • Payment of Judgments Against School District

To be Maintained for Ten Years

  • Iowa Schools Cash Anticipation Program (ISCAP)
  • Check Registers/Vendor Checks
  • Iowa School Joint Investment Trust (ISJIT)
  • Employee Contracts
  • Construction Contracts & Files
  • Written Contracts & Agreements
  • SES Reports

SPED Counts

To be Maintained for Five Years

  • Affidavits of Publication
  • Invoices (Paid)
  • Bank Statements & Cancelled Checks
  • Investment Records
  • Board Correspondence
  • Iowa Workforce Reports
  • Budget Estimate Worksheets
  • Pentamation-Live data for Finance & Human Resources
  • EEO-5 Reports
  • Phase I, II, and III Reports
  • Federal Program Files
  • Receipt Copies
  • Financial Correspondence
  • Sales Tax Refund Claims
  • Flexible Spending Account Enroll. Forms
  • Secretary’s Monthly Financial Reports
  • Flexible Spending Account Payments
  • Tuition Applications
  • Fixed Asset Addition & Deletion Cards
  • Unemployment Claims
  • Food Service Financial Reports
  • Vandalism Reports
  • Free and Reduced Lunch Applications
  • Vehicle List Updates
  • Fuel Tax Refund Claims
  • W-2, W-3, W-4, 941 and 1099 Forms
  • Insurance Policies including fidelity bonds of officials
  • Nursing Daily Log and Medication Administration Records
  • Recordings and Livestreams of Open Meetings of the Board

To be Maintained for Three Years

  • Building Administrative Minutes
  • Garnishment Records
  • Bid Files
  • Iowa Child Labor Forms (Work Permits)
  • Cabinet Minutes
  • Nomination Papers
  • Citizen Petitions
  • Elementary Field Trip Permission Slips Signed by Parents

To be Maintained for Two Years

  • Annual Requisitions
  • Time Sheets
  • Annuity Company Monthly Invoices
  • Field Trip Requests
  • Board Agendas
  • Work Orders & Supply Requisitions
  • Payroll Authorizations (Green Sheets)
  • Bus Pre-Trip Inspection Forms
  • Student Cumulative Records

To be Maintained for One Year

  • Minutes & Recordings of Closed Session Board Meetings
  • Payroll Job Stream Reports

To be Maintained As Described Below

  • Bond and bond coupons – maintain for 11 years after maturity, cancellation, transfer, redemption, and/or replacement
  • Board policies – retained until superseded with new policy
  • Enrollment for insurance, direct deposit – while current
  • Job Applications – minimum one year following submission of application
  • Maintenance & Warranty Agreements – maintain for the life of the relevant agreement
  • Property Accounting Printouts – maintain until superseded by new property accountings
  • Savings Bond Forms
  • Underground Storage Tank Level Sensor Records – maintain for one year after the life of the tank
  • I-9 – maintain until one year following termination of employment
  • Program grants – maintain for the period of time as determined by the grant
  • Non-Payroll Personnel Records – maintain for ten years following the employee’s departure from the district

In the event that any federal or state agency requires a  record be retained for a period of time longer than that listed above for audit purposes or otherwise, the record shall be retained beyond the listed period for as long as is required for the resolution of the issue by the federal or state agency.

The superintendent/designee may digitize and/or otherwise electronically retain district records and may destroy paper copies of records. An electronic record that accurately reflects the information set forth in the paper record after it was first generated in its final form as an electronic record, and which remains accessible for later reference meets the same legal requirements for retention as the original paper record.

The superintendent/designee may destroy district records in accordance with the above schedule. Paper records containing confidential or personal information shall be destroyed by shredding and electronic records shall be destroyed by electronic erasure.

Legal Reference:
City of Sioux City v. Greater Sioux City Press Club., 421 N.W. 2d 895 (Iowa 1988).
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281 I.A.C. 12.3(6).

Cross Reference:
400.30 Employee Records
500 Series Appendix A Regulations on Student Records
805.30 Student Records
1001.60 Examination of School District Records

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