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805.22 General Access to Employee’s Personnel Files

General Access to the Employee’s Personnel File: Access to an employee’s personnel file may be given to the following persons without the consent of the employee:

The Superintendent, the employee’s principal, the employee’s supervisor, and a Board member if it relates to the Board member’s duties or responsibilities.

No other person may have access to an employee’s personnel file except under the following circumstances:

  1. When the employee gives written consent to the release of his/her records. The written consent must specify the records to be released and to whom they are to be released. Each request for consent must be handled separately; blanket permission for release of information shall not be accepted.
  2. When subpoenaed or under court order.

Access to Employee’s Personnel File: Employee’s may access their own personnel file at all reasonable times, i.e., during regular school hours. The right to access includes the right to make written objections to any information contained in the file. Any written objection must be signed by the employee, and it shall become part of the personnel file.

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