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807.01 District Approved Memorials or Services for Deceased Students or Staff or Community

Recognizing that the loss of a member of the Ankeny or school community is deeply felt, the Ankeny Community School District will support staff, students and families who feel the loss, and will assist with connections to appropriate community resources.

Memorials for deceased students or staff shall be limited in form to perpetual awards or scholarships, collections of books, or items of historical or educational significance. Policy 802.70 allows for Gifts, Donations, Grants, and Bequests to be made to Ankeny Schools.  If a memorial is elected, the District may not accept memorials involving concrete work, pavers, gardens, plantings, or building/landscape. For suggestions about specific needs or memorial ideas, consult with the COO.  Other types of memorials may be considered for approval, at the discretion of the Superintendent/designee. Memorials shall be limited to one per loss.

Monetary donations or fundraising contributions may also be designated to specific clubs, the FUEL account, or the Ankeny Foundation for collection and administration of the gift.

Most ordinarily, the ceremony for acceptance of the memorial commemorating the student or staff member will take place four to six months after the request, depending on seasonal conditions. Plaques may be created and given to the family at time of scholarship/contribution, or displayed in a designated viewing site.


As places designed primarily to support learning, school sites will not be available for a venue for funeral or memorial services. There are special circumstances that may arise in which a school site may be reserved and appropriate. An individual or family may request to have a funeral or memorial service, if the deceased fits any of the following criteria when the deceased may be categorized as:

  1. Employee of the District
  2. Student or alumni
  3. Contributor to Ankeny Schools either in time or money.
  4. Board member

The facility request should be made directly to the Community Engagement Department. Requests will be considered based on availability, time, capacity, costs, and feasibility. Any costs for custodial assistance, damage, or set up shall be borne by those making the requests. This is considered a Class 1 rental. A recommendation shall be made to Superintendent/designee for final approval.

Cross Reference:
802.70 Gifts, Donations, Grants, and Bequests
1004.40 Fees for Facility Use
1004.50 Community Use of Facilities

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