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807.10 Display and Retirement of Athletic/Activity Awards

The Board of Directors is proud to display the accomplishments of students in athletics and activities at the high school level if space permits.

Generally, any award or trophy won at a competition sanctioned by the Iowa Athletic Association or Iowa Activities Association will be displayed as space permits either in the appropriate high school trophy or awards cases or in other places within the school or District.

After ten years, or when space is no longer available, whichever occurs first, the trophy or award will be retired, unless the award represents a state championship or runner up. Once retired, the award will be digitally preserved on the District website, or other electronic display kiosks. At any time a physical award can be retired/not displayed. Below are the options for disposition in this order:

  1. If possible the head coach for the activity at the time of receipt, will be contacted, or
  2. A general advertisement will be run and make the award/trophy available to members of the team. If more than one team member requests award/trophy, there will be a random selection from a drawing, or
  3. If no team members come forward it will be offered to members of the alumni association, historical society or foundation.
  4. Lastly, award/trophy will be disposed according to Policy 803.01 Disposition of Obsolete Equipment.

Cross Reference:
803.01 Disposition of Obsolete Equipment

May 21, 2012

October 16, 2017

October 16, 2017

R.R. 807.10

In most cases the award/trophy belongs to the school building from where the award was won.

The principal/designee of the building will work with support services personnel in creating and maintaining display cases throughout the building.

Displaying trophies and awards may not be feasible in all situations due to limitations in space. In displaying trophies in the school, the preference is to display the trophies by activity.

Banners will display conference and state titles by activity and year in the gymnasium.

October 16, 2017