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904.10 Confidentiality of Security and Emergency Preparedness Information

The District adopts, maintains and revises procedures, plans, and information concerning security procedures and emergency preparedness information for the protection of District employees, visitors to the District, students and other persons in the care, custody, or under the control of the District, and for the protection of property under the jurisdiction of the District, the disclosure of which could reasonably be expected to jeopardize such employees, visitors, persons, or property. The District shall keep information related to the security procedures, emergency preparedness, and vulnerability assessments confidential to the full extent permitted by law.

Without limiting the generality of preceding paragraph, it is the policy of the District to effectuate its security and preparedness measures by maintaining as confidential the following information, records and classes of records:

  1. Information directly related to vulnerability assessments;
  2. Information contained in records relating to security measures such as security and operational response plans, radio protocols, security codes and combinations, passwords, restricted area passes, keys, and security or response procedures;
  3. Emergency response protocols;
  4. Computer and computer network information which if disclosed would assist persons to gain unauthorized access to confidential materials described in this policy;
  5. Records or information regarding routines, practices and procedures of security personnel, security contractors or other persons responsible for the protection of persons and property of the district; and,
  6. Information contained in records that if disclosed would significantly increase the vulnerability of critical physical systems or infrastructures of the District to attack.
  7. Continuity of Operations and other Long-Term Recovery plans that if divulged, could be used to deploy secondary devices and secondary attacks.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code 22.7, 280.3

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