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910.00 Crisis Management & Emergency Operations Plans

The superintendent/designee shall have plans in place to manage emergency and crisis situations that occur during school hours and that involve district students, staff, and/or facilities. The plans will include a process to communicate relevant information to appropriate audiences.

An emergency plan provides procedures to follow when an emergency situation takes place. This may include, but is not limited to, responding to fire, tornado, a bomb, threats of violence, and/or terrorist acts.

A crisis management plan provides procedures to follow in the aftermath of a traumatic incident that affects the population at an individual site and/or across the district. This may include emergency situations as well as tragedies impacting or involving an employee or student.

Relevant district and building administrators are responsible for assessing incidents or situations to determine if an emergency and/or crisis exists.

The board shall review this policy annually.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code ยงยง280.30

Cross Reference:
507.50 Emergency Plans and Drills
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907.00 District Operation During Public Emergencies
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Crisis Management Plan

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