• Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

    The goal is that all students learn the content, not just the ones who can learn within established timelines. As such, all students should have multiple assessment opportunities to demonstrate higher levels of achievement. Additional opportunities may include retakes of assessments, student revisions of products based on descriptive feedback, or alternative methods of assessment. This process provides opportunities to use more recent evidence of learning to ascertain a summative grade. This approach reflects what we know about successful learning, and it better prepares students for the world beyond school.

  • Standard Work in Ankeny

    Standard Work Defined:

    • Actual practices and systems in use by the school and staffStandard Work Puzzle Piece Graphic
    • Shows how structure facilitates change
      • 1st year: learning
      • 2nd Year: implementation
      • 3rd year: standard work
    • Also described as the “big rocks”

    Ankeny has determined as "standard work"  those high leverage pieces of work providing the highest yield for increased student learning. The need for consistency and focused attention to these items should be evident in all goals and professional learning across the district.


    Components of Standard Work:

    1. Innovation Configuration Map (I.C. Map)
      1. The I.C. Maps provide a roadmap or guide to the user.  They tell what the "ideal" looks like when implemented at an "established" level. The user may use this document to self-assess, set goals, or to determine how to get to "established".
    2. Supplemental Documents
      1. The supplemental documents will help the user to operationalize the I.C. Map.  These range from a Guidebook, Flowchart, Toolbox, or other relevant documents and/or information to assist the user on the journey to "established".
    3. Implementation Plan
      1. This document is mainly used by Administrators and Instructional Leadership Teams (ILT) to develop, plan and provide professional learning for staff.


    Standard Work Areas:

    • MTSS
    • SRG
    • Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum
    • PBIS
    • Professional Learning and Growth
    • PLCs