• What Does Orbis Offer?

    orbis students in a classroom

    Orbis engages teams of students in partnership with the workforce in solving real problems and contributing to the betterment of our local and global community. Experiences are grounded in the Universal Constructs (critical thinking, complex communication, creativity, collaboration, flexibility and adaptability, productivity and accountability) and much of the learning will occur at the work site of the partnership organization. Student learning and performance will focus on 21st Century Employability Skills from the Iowa Core. Authentic problems will lead to project ideas, and students’ passions will be matched to projects.

    Learning Features Include

    • Problem Solving
    • Project-Based Learning
    • Employability Skills
    • Leadership Development
    • Applied STEM

    Length of Course

    • One semester
    • This course may be repeated for additional project-based experiences


    • Two high school elective credits


    • Two adjacent class periods every day