• ankeny standards referenced grading What is Standards-Referenced Grading (SRG)?

    Standards-referenced grading ensures all students receive a unified experience in the delivery of high quality curriculum, instruction, assessment, and communication practices. It is the practice of meeting a defined standard for "proficiency" and immediately progressing to the next grade-level standard. Implementing high quality standards-referenced grading practices assists in achieving the mission of Ankeny Schools. 


    srg standards

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    To accurately communicate student learning.

    • Grades represent students' level of learning in relation to each grade level standard, which is aligned to the Iowa Core.
    • SRG practices require quality instruction and assessment.
    • Teachers must make informed, focused decisions regarding students’ individual strengths and areas of improvement relative to the grade-level standards.
    • Academic content and academic behaviors both contribute to student success. Reporting each separately provides an accurate picture of student learning in relation to the grade-level standards.