• Dear Fellow Ankeny Citizens,

    The Ankeny Board of Education has worked diligently on the tax rate over the past seven years. The school district portion of the tax rate was at its peak of $22.35, which we have worked to reduce by $3.83 and today that rate sits at $18.52. In the midst of this, we have also been working to accommodate Ankeny’s growth. The recent U.S. Census report showed that Ankeny grows by five people per day. Additionally, we have contracted a demographer to help us specifically plan for the growth and its impact on our school system.

    The result has been a long-range facility plan that allows us to organize our resources, while addressing growth responsibly and conservatively.  
    In the course of this planning, we looked at the size of elementary buildings in our district. We found that while we had historically held the precedent of a 640-student elementary building, many of our buildings were actually accommodating many more students. At that time, we chose to expand two of our existing elementary buildings, Prairie Trail and Rock Creek, to make them 750-student buildings. This decision delayed the need for a bond referendum and allowed students, for the first time in over a decade, to stay within the same boundary lines for their entire K-5 experience.

    We now have reached a point in which we either need to build a new elementary, or we will be posed with less desirable decisions in the coming years. Building a new elementary at this juncture in time will allow us to keep our class sizes at 25 for kindergarten and 27 for grades 1-5. We believe it is important to maintain the caps during these formative years to ensure our students receive the individualized instruction, allowing students to be academically successful.

    We will communicate the plan for elementary 11 and future facility needs through numerous channels. Be sure to follow our district Facebook page www.facebook.com/AnkenySchools, Twitter account @AnkenySchools, and our website www.ankenyschools.org. Furthermore, do not hesitate to contact any Board member via phone or email with questions.

    In closing, I want to thank our community for their support of our district. The Board of Education will continue to work diligently to meet the educational needs of our students and responsibly steward taxpayer money.
    Thank you for your past and continued support of Ankeny Community Schools.


    Stephanie Judd  

    Stephanie Judd
    Ankeny Board of Education