• Athletics & Activities Goals

    At the high school level, our interscholastic activity program provides an opportunity for maximum development of the performer. Therefore, the interscholastic activity program may not be intended for participation by all students but, rather, for those who are physically and emotionally capable of highly skilled competition.

    A comprehensive and balanced activity program is an essential complement to the basic program of instruction. The activity program will provide opportunities for youth to further develop interests and talents. Participation in activities, while a privilege and not a right, should provide many students with a lifetime basis for personal values, work and leisure activities.

    Every effort will be made to support the activities program with the best facilities, finest equipment and most qualified staff. As far as possible, knowledge and skills gained in classes should be applied and developed further through participation in the activity program.

    The ultimate goals of the activity program are: 1) to realize the value of participation without overemphasizing the importance of winning or excelling; and 2) to develop and improve positive citizenship traits among the program’s participants.

    The junior varsity/sophomore programs will develop and utilize those who show the greatest ability in a variety of skills. Role specialization may become more evident at this level. Those who are more able will be the primary participants.

    The varsity team is for those who have learned the basic skills well and perform them both in practice and in interscholastic competition. Role specialization is often a necessity at this level, and participants may be used in specific roles for the benefit of the entire team. Depending on the activity, not all wishing to participate will be able.

    Participants who display leadership and/or enthusiasm, in combination with basic skill development, may enhance their opportunity to participate.