• Technology Fines

    As with any district property issued to students, Iowa statute allows the district to obtain reimbursement from, or on behalf of, students for any damage to, loss of, or failure to return school property.  Fines will be assessed at the discretion of building administration at the rate of $25 per repair incident.  Fines will not be assessed for manufacturer defaults or incidental damage resulting from normal wear and tear (ie. minor cosmetic marks).  The fine schedule will be updated on an annual basis.

    Any damage to, or loss of, student technology devices must be reported to the district immediately.  Failure to do so may result in delayed repairs or increased fines.  Under no circumstances should a student attempt to repair a damaged device or pay for the device to be repaired by an agency other than Ankeny Community Schools.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding technology fines, please contact the building administrator.