• Post-Secondary Enrollment Act

    The Postsecondary Enrollment Options Act (Chapter 261C, Iowa Code) was enacted in 1987 to promote rigorous academic  pursuits and to provide a wider variety of options to high school students by enabling 11th and 12th grade students to  enroll part time in nonsectarian courses in eligible postsecondary institutions of higher learning in Iowa. In order to be eligible to participate in this program, the student must meet these qualifications:

    • Only students enrolled in grades 11 - 12 in public school are eligible, or grades 9 - 10 students who have been identified as Gifted and Talented. 
    • Students who graduate after eight semesters of attendance may not participate in the program after graduation. 
    • Students who request and are granted early graduation will not be permitted to participate under the Act for the remainder of that regular school year. The student must be enrolled in six ACSD credits and physical education to enroll in a postsecondary enrollment course. 

    Features of the Act

    • Students may pursue college courses only for the student’s remaining regularly scheduled semesters at AHS or ACHS. 
    • Students may take courses from a state regents university (University of Northern Iowa, University of Iowa, Iowa State University), an area community college, or an approved accredited private institution. 
    • Students will be admitted in a course only on a space available basis. Regular college students are given priority for classroom space. 
    • Students may not audit the course. 
    • The course desired by the student cannot be offered at AHS or ACHS and all courses must be non-sectarian. AHS or ACHS courses may be considered prerequisites for a college course. You must check with a counselor before registering for a PSEO course and to fill out the appropriate paperwork. 
    • The grade for the college course will be placed on the official high school transcript. One high school credit will be given for each college course successfully completed. Grades for college courses will be included in the high school grade point averages and class rank. 
    • The school will not provide transportation for students who enroll in college courses. 
    • The student must give the postsecondary institution permission for the course grade to be sent to their home school. 
    • Students may register at their own expense for up to seven college hours of credit during the summer. To receive high school credit for summer courses under the program, the student must complete the “Notice of Student Registration Form” with a counselor before registering for the college course(s). 
    • Students who fail to complete and/or pass the PSEO course and receive credit for a postsecondary course are responsible for all costs directly related to the course and must reimburse the school district for costs. 

    Registration Deadlines:

    • Deadlines for registration will be provided on the daily announcements and on I.C. Students must see a counselor to register.