• Music

    Students are required to be in a concert choir to enroll in a show choir, and in instrumental music to be enrolled in Co-Curricular Jazz Seminar. Both instrumental and vocal ensembles will be offered ONLY outside the school day.

    Music Electives

    Instrumental Music - Band - 2 credits (full year)
    Prerequisite: Ability to play an instrument
    The instrumental music department offers a wide variety of opportunities for those students who play a musical instrument. All students with past instrumental experience are urged to continue in this work. Some of the activities are as follows: marching band, concert band, stage or jazz band, small ensembles, and solos. Other activities include the All State Music Festival, home concerts, Honor Bands, and state music contests. Many of the activities associated with Instrumental Music require practice time outside the school day. Marching Band, for example, begins prior to the school day. A lesson schedule is set up for students once every six school days during study halls. Some instruments are available to students on a rental basis. In the event the student has had no previous instrumental training and is interested in learning to play a horn, a student should make an appointment with the band director.

    Vocal Music - Choir - 2 credits (full year)
    Prerequisite: Previous choral music experience or teacher consent.
    The Ankeny Choral Music Department (ACM) offers a wide range of choral activities throughout the academic year. The curriculum includes learning from all periods of music history in preparation for the annual concert season, as well as learning technical skills such as solfege, sight reading, voice technique and musicianship. Students will be assigned to one of three ensembles: Concert Choir, Ankeny Singers or Cantamus, based on experience and audition results. Other activities offered by ACM include All-State Music auditions and music festivals including the ACM Solo and Ensemble Festival. As a member of the Ankeny High School Choral Department, participation in assessments (public performances and rehearsals) is required. Due to the nature of the class, assessments will frequently take place outside of the school day. This is a vital part of the music education process and the aesthetic development of each student and is the culmination of the educational process.

    Music Appreciation - 2 credits (full year)
    The Music Appreciation course is an introduction to “classical” music. The course will begin with medieval music and Gregorian chant, and continue through modern music and rock and roll. The course will be heavy on listening and responding through written and oral responses. Discussion will center on form, style, texture, and historical influences. This is a year-long course and meets daily.

    Co-Curricular Jazz Seminar - no credit (full year)
    Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in instrumental music
    Co-curricular Jazz Seminar is a group that performs music in the traditional Big Band format. Co-curricular Jazz Seminar rehearses outside the school day exclusively. This band performs three home concerts, competes in three to four contests and is a part of the basketball pep band.

    Color Guard - No credit (fall marching season)
    Prerequisite: selection by audition in May
    Color Guard is a non-credit non-credit class that meets during marching band time. This course requires extra rehearsals and performances beyond the school day. Color Guard members participate in football games, marching band competitions, all marching band rehearsals and any other outside activities associated with band. Winter guard (beginning in November) participation is strongly encouraged.