• Social Studies 10

    Departmental Requirements: 10th Grade: World History or AP European History or IDEASS

    Social Studies - REQUIRED (Choose one)

    World History - 2 credits (full year)
    Prerequisite: None
    Following a brief review of the Ancient, Classical and Medieval periods, the focus of the course is on the history of western political, economic, social and intellectual development beginning with the Renaissance (circa 1450) to the present. A variety of student activities will be used to help the student gain an in-depth understanding of the heritage of western culture and the various factors influencing modern society.

    English 10/World History (IDEASS) - 4 credits (full year - 2 English credits and 2 Social Studies credits)
    Prerequisite: English 9
    (Interdisciplinary English and Social Studies)
    This year-long course combines the features of both Western Civilizations and English 10 by incorporating both social studies and language arts frameworks within one two-period block class with an emphasis on the interrelation of the two curricular areas. When possible, one test or project will be completed to measure a student’s understanding of the materials presented in each unit. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive two social studies credits and two language arts credits.

    AP European History - 2 credits (full year)
    Prerequisite: Recommendation of counselor and approval of instructor.
    AP European History can be taken in lieu of, or in addition to, the Western Civilization course. This college level course covers the history of Europe from the Renaissance (circa 1450) to the present. Students taking this course must be highly motivated in the subject area. Class activities will involve reading, writing, discussion, and critical thinking exercises. This course may qualify for postsecondary credit. Please see a counselor for more information. At the conclusion of this course students will be prepared and encouraged to take the corresponding AP exam as a summative assessment of their achievement.

    Social Studies - Elective

    Argumentation & Debate - 1 credit (one semester)
    Prerequisite: None
    Do you like to win arguments? This class will look at argumentation and debate in law, politics, and the news media. Students will use specialized research skills to investigate different types of arguments and apply critical thinking skills. We will work independently and in groups on assignments such as in-class debates, mock trials, analysis of current controversies and politics, and persuasive communication. This course may be repeated for credit, but students taking it more than once must take it in addition to the required 5 academics plus PE.