• Language Arts

    English 9 S1
    English 9 S2
     - 2 credits
    Prerequisite: None
    Students in English 9 will engage in a rigorous, skill-based curriculum integrating all areas of literacy: reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing. Students will analyze, synthesize, and evaluate to create and extend meaning in a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. Writing skills include organizing ideas, incorporating textual evidence with appropriate documentation, utilizing transitions, and continually revising and improving the written product. Additionally, students will develop their skills as critical thinkers, readers, and writers through the research process. Speaking, viewing, and listening skills will be developed and improved continually throughout the year in all areas of study. Additional emphasis will be placed on word origins and vocabulary words in context.


    Select six credits of math in grades 9-12 to include Algebra II (MAT201) at a minimum.
    College preparatory courses should include Algebra I (MAT101), Geometry (MAT201), and Algebra II (MAT301).

    Algebra I S1
    Algebra I S2
     - 2 credits
    Prerequisite: None
    Algebra I takes an applications-based approach in examining a variety of algebraic concepts and functions. Emphasis is placed on comparing linear, quadratic, and exponential functions using equations, graphs, and tables. Main areas of study include the use of variables, real-life applications, solving equations, graphing, exponents, quadratics, polynomials, and the use of graphing calculators. Courses to follow are Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus, and AP Statistics.

    Geometry S1
    Geometry S2
     - 2 credits
    Prerequisite: Algebra I (MAT101)
    Students enrolled in this course will develop many skills including collaboration, problem-solving, visualization, and logical thinking. Students will develop visual skills while investigating properties of triangles, quadrilaterals and other two-dimensional polygons. Logical thought will be developed as students investigate and prove conjectures about lines, angles, triangles, and quadrilaterals. Students will also learn about similar figures to develop a basic understanding of trigonometry. Other areas of study include transformations, congruence, circles, three-dimensional shapes, and probability.

    Honors Algebra II S1
    Honors Algebra II S2 - 2 credits
    Prerequisite: Geometry (MAT201)
    This course is a continuation of Algebra I. Many topics of elementary algebra will be reviewed and studied in more depth. Some of the topics include types of functions such as linear, polynomial, rational, logarithmic, and trigonometric. Other topics include inequalities, factoring, solving equations, and simplifying expressions. The use of a graphing calculator in Algebra II is considered an integral part of the course. Students will be using technology on a regular basis so they become adept in using their graphing calculators. Some of the math topics that will extensively use graphing calculator technological concepts will include but are not limited to quadratic equations, linear equations, matrices, polynomials, exponential and logarithmic, conic sections, and trigonometry. Students will also have the experience of basic pencil and paper techniques of Algebra II and will be able to apply then when technological tools are unavailable or inappropriate.


    All students will successfully complete 3 years of science education to include the standard areas of earth, space, biology, chemistry and physics. Ankeny has two pathways to fulfill the necessary district, state and college entry requirements. Both pathways provide a rich science experience for all students regardless of their career goals.

    Students are initially placed during eighth and ninth grade in a pathway based on requirements of readiness and probability of success. This is due to the faster pace and deeper exploration of the grade level standard concepts/skills in the Enriched Science Pathway.

    Once in high school, if a student finds their interests have changed or they have completed the science essentials coursework with a high degree of success, they may consider enrolling in an Enriched Science course. If, for any reason a student has found they are not being successful – or they are not being individually challenged – students could be enrolled in an alternate pathway at the end of a semester during their eighth or ninth grade year.

    Science Essentials Pathway
    Note: The Science Essential Pathway does not exclude any student from taking an Advanced Placement (AP)
    course. However, if the goal is to enroll in advanced placement (AP) course to earn college credit, students
    should consider the Enriched Science Pathway to maximize the chances of successful completion of those

    9th Grade Earth & Space Essentials S1
    9th Grade Earth & Space Essentials S1 - 2 credits
    Prerequisite: None
    Students will explore how the Earth works as a system, how the Earth connects to the universe, and how both have changed and will continue to change over time. In this process, students will engage collaboratively through evidence-based inquiry processes and scientific discourse to become responsible, scientifically literate citizens. This course is included in the Essentials pathway, which meets all graduation requirements and college entrance requirements

    Enriched Science Pathway Note: The goal of the Enriched Science Pathway is to deepen the experiences of the science grade level standards. Moving at a faster pace through basic and foundational concepts/skills provides students the opportunity to move beyond the minimum expectations of the grade level standards and explore topics in-depth. While the grade level standards are grounded in the same concepts and skills regardless of the pathway, the Enriched Science Pathway dives more deeply into the subject material.

    Enriched Earth and Space Science - 2 credits
    Prerequisite: None *Students must meet the required criteria to enroll in an honors course.
    Students will engage in in-depth explorations of how the Earth works as a system, how the Earth connects to the universe, and how both have changed and will continue to change over time. In this process, students will engage collaboratively through evidence-based inquiry processes and scientific discourse to become responsible, scientifically literate citizens. This course is included in the Enriched pathway and supports preparation for AP level courses.

    Social Studies

    Global Studies S1
    Global Studies S2
     - 2 credits
    Prerequisite: None
    Global Studies examines different regions of the world from a physical, cultural, and political perspective. The history, culture and current events facing various peoples around the world are examined, evaluated and placed in the context of our global society. Students will build on geographic skills, reading, interpretation of data, information management, and drawing and defending a conclusion.

    Physical Education/Health

    Students will engage in programming designed to help them improve their fitness levels while being exposed to a variety of fitness and lifetime activities. The program emphasizes personal fitness, team sports and life skills through a variety of activities from which students have an opportunity to choose. Students will use heart rate monitors to understand the valued effects of exercising at appropriate individual levels. Fitness testing will be included each semester to address student needs throughout the year and will help facilitate goal setting and the skills needed to enhance individual health.

    9th Grade Physical Education & Health Requirements
    Note: Iowa law and board policy state that students must enroll in PE every semester in which they are enrolled.

    8th-9th P.E. S1
    8th-9th P.E. S2 - 1 credit, Full Year (Alternating Days)
    Prerequisite: None
    The student-centered curriculum will provide opportunities to learn basic skills, activities and concepts. The curriculum is designed to promote the development of physical, social and emotional health in addition to fostering lifestyles that lead to wellness and encourage physical activity over a lifetime. Students are furnished a locker, padlock and towel. Students are required to wear a physical education uniform which may be purchased from community vendors.

    Strength & Conditioning Readiness S1
    Strength & Conditioning Readiness S2
     -  1 credit, Full Year (Alternating Days)
    Prerequisite: None
    Students will be exposed to all phases of a complete and comprehensive strength training program which emphasizes functional strength, core stability/strength, flexibility, nutrition, body composition, speed and agility, and injury prevention. Special consideration will be given to progressions of major lifts including proper technique, proper spotting, and additional safety protocols. Students will be tested throughout the semester to monitor progress.

    8th-9th P.E.O.P.E.L. P.E. S1
    8th-9th P.E.O.P.E.L. P.E. S2 - 1 credit, Full Year (Alternating Days)
    Prerequisite: Teacher approval
    P.E.O.P.E.L PE is an adapted physical education class for students who need differentiated instruction in physical education and peer helpers from the general education population. Students will participate in a wide variety of activities to gain exposure to health, fitness, and recreation activities. An integral part of P.E.O.P.E.L PE is socialization and interpersonal skill development. Students will engage in a variety of activities such as: team sports, fitness games, personal fitness plans, lifetime activities, project adventure activities, dance, Special Olympics, parachute, and other recreational activities.

    9th Health S1
    9th Health S21 - 1 credit, Full Year (Alternating Days)
    Prerequisite: None 
    Students receive a separate health grade that counts in their GPA at the end of each semester. The health curriculum covers several topics including CPR/First Aid, social/emotional health, substance abuse, human growth and development, and food and nutrition.