• Art

    Art I - 1 credit
    Prerequisite: None
    Note: Art 1 is a pre-requisite for all other art courses. This course must be successfully completed before taking any other art course. The focus of Art 1 will be exploring how the artist uses the elements and principles of design to create balanced compositions and visually intriguing artworks. Through a series of exercises and a variety of materials, students explore how they and artists throughout history have influenced how we view and respond to works of art. Art 1 is intended to prepare students with the essential visual vocabulary to succeed in other 2-D and 3-D course offerings.

    2D Level I - 1 credit
    Prerequisite: Art I 
    2D Level I is an introductory class exploring a variety of drawing, painting and printmaking techniques and materials. Emphasis will be placed upon rendering the observed subject accurately. Students will create original works of art that explore the use of line and creating 3D forms on a flat surface. Students will learn to depict realistic space using proportion and measuring techniques such as sighting, 2 and 3 point perspective. Media exploration will include pencil, ink, charcoal, conté, and paint. Students will present original works of art that respond to contemporary and historical art styles related to still life and observational painting and drawing. Students will study 2D media and art history through group discussion, self-evaluations, and individual/group critiques. Students will have extensive sketchbook assignments, formal studio drawings, paintings and prints that will involve intensive participation and personal initiative on the part of the student.

    Digital Media and Photography - 1 credit
    Prerequisite: Art I
    Students in Digital Media and Photography will use digital cameras, flatbed scanners and Adobe software to produce digital works of art. Students will learn about digital cameras and how they work, how to identify interesting subjects to photograph and how to create visually dynamic photographs by incorporating basic photographic compositional techniques. Students will learn how to get the most from their digital cameras and will have opportunities to learn about and use DSLR cameras. Students will be exposed to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom in order to edit and manipulate digital images, as well as create digital drawings and digital paintings. Image production will be infused with software applications, design studies, idea development, art history and creativity.

    Family / Consumer Science

    Intro to Foods - 1 credit
    Prerequisite: None
    This one semester course emphasizes the basics of food preparation and nutrition. Students will be engaged in open forum learning with the unique opportunity to directly apply the content taught to prepare, taste, and evaluate food. Students will study the following areas: safety and sanitation in the kitchen, measuring and using recipes, beef, poultry, vegetables, fruits, eggs, quick breads, pie, dairy products, and knife skills. This course is recommended for everyone interested in learning an independent living skill. Facial piercing(s) must be removed during class time.

    Child Development - 1 credit
    Prerequisite: None 
    Child Development is a specialized course that prepares students to understand the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth and development of children from infant through age twelve. The course is designed to help young people acquire knowledge and skills essential to the care and guidance of children as a parent or caregiver. Emphasis is placed on helping students create an environment for children that will promote optimum development.

    Fashion Merchandising - 1 credit
    Prerequisite: None 
    Fashion Merchandising is a hands-on project-based class. Students will explore fashion from the decades along with the elements and principles of design. Examples of projects include designing and selling “mascot wear”, clothing re-design/construction, and conducting a fashion show. Fashion Merchandising is open to all students.


    Intro to Business - 1 credit
    Prerequisite: None
    This class will introduce the student to the exciting and challenging world of business. They will be prepared as a knowledgeable consumer, well-prepared employee, and effective citizen of our economy. Although not a prerequisite, this class is considered the foundation course for any business class listed in the Marketing, Sales, and Service or Business Management and Administration programs. This course will prepare the student for future employment or business ownership and will help this student grasp a better understanding of our economy.

    Graphics, Video, and Coding - 1 credit
    Prerequisite: None
    This class will provide students a variety of multimedia technology experiences including, but not limited to editing graphics, editing sounds and video, building web pages, working with programming languages, and applying copyright and fair use guidelines.

    Industrial Tech

    Introduction to Construction - 1 credit
    Prerequisite: None
    This class is a fundamental course that explores the construction industry. It is an ideal course for students who enjoy creating, designing, and constructing projects or structures. In this activity based course, students will experience the areas of finish carpentry (furniture, trim, and cabinetry), architecture (home design), and general construction (concrete and rough carpentry).

    Social Studies

    Argumentation & Debate - 1 credit
    Prerequisite: None
    Do you like to win arguments? This class will look at argumentation and debate in law, politics, and the news media. Students will use specialized research skills to investigate different types of arguments and apply critical thinking skills. We will work independently and in groups on assignments such as in-class debates, mock trials, analysis of current controversies and politics, and persuasive communication. This course may be repeated for credit, but students taking it more than once must take it in addition to the required 5 academics plus PE.