• Google Classroom

    Please get in the habit of checking Google Classroom as often as you do your school email. This is where you will find announcements and assignments. You will find additional resources here as well. Click here to go to Google Classroom.

  • Quizlet

    Quizlet is on online way for students to review vocabulary. Each unit will have one or more Quizlets attached as announcements in Google Classroom. Quizlet provides online flashcards, games to review, and quizzes. This link takes you to the Quizlet's homepage. From there, you will need to search for the class you are in. The possible classes are 6 Spanish Prairie Ridge, 6 French Prairie Ridge, 7 French Prairie Ridge, and 7 Spanish Prairie Ridge. Then you will have a list of all of the possible Quizlets for that class. Remember, the easiest way to access you Quizlets is by using the announcements in Google Classroom. 


  • google class


  • quizlet