2019 - 2020 6th Grade Choir Concert Dates

  • Tuesday, December 10th

    6:00 pm - 3rd period choirs

    7:00 pm - 5th period choirs

    8:00 pm - 7th period choirs 

    Tuesday, May 12th

    6:00 pm - 7th period choirs

    7:00 pm - 3rd period choirs

    8:00 pm - 5th period choirs


    Concert Attire:

    • White on top:  Prairie Ridge Music Team Shirt (if purchased) OR solid, white shirt which can be collared or a plain t-shirt.

    • Black on bottom:  Dress pants or skirt

    NOT allowed: Jeans, flip-flops.

    Please contact Mrs. Rehms or Mr. Anderson if you are unable to obtain the concert attire.