• Heartland Area Education Agency works in partnership with public and accredited private schools to provide education services, programs, and resources. Their mission, values and goals all correspond with their overarching theme of improving the learning outcomes and well being of all children and youth in central Iowa.

    Mission: To provide services and leadership, in partnership with families, schools, and communities, that improve the learning outomes and well being of all children and youth.


    Caring- We show empathyfor others in our personal interactions and daily work. We demonstrate caring by listening, engaging others, developing strong relationships, and addressing challenges with respect.

    Proactive- We anticipate barriers, problem solve solutiolns, and identify opportunities. We strive to be proactive by innovating, learning from our failtures, and leveraging our successes. 

    Collaborative- We build partnerships to achieve desired outcomes. We work collaboratively by sharing responsibility and accountability and respecting diverse perspectives. 

    Vision: Nurture learners, empower choice, and enrich lives


    1) Increase learning growth

    2) Decrease gaps in achievement 

    3) Increase annual graduation rates

    4) Increase gateways to post-secondary success