Mr. Jeff Schumacher

Phone: 515.965.9640


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Elementary Education (grades K-9) with special education endorsements - Drake UniversityM.A. Elementary and Secondary EducationC.A.S. Central Office, Curriculum and Instruction Specialist - Iowa State UniversityPostgraduate Studies (Ph.D coursework completed)- Iowa State University

Mr. Jeff Schumacher

Hello.  Welcome to Parkview Middle school.  Our mission is to maximize your child's learning over the next two years, and to this end every moment counts.  We are building on the past six years of school experience your child brings with him/her to Parkview, and set your child up for success as they navigate their pathway through Southview Middle School (grades 8 and 9), Ankeny High School (grades 10-2), and beyond. 

Your child will experience life at Parkview in a small community for learning.  This means that, much like an elementary school environment, your child will get to know a smaller number of students and a few staff really well, and navigate a relatively small portion of their school in a "team" setting.  Similarly, your child's teachers work together to get to know your child and his/her team of students very well, and focus their work around that small number of students over the course of a full academic year.

Time is short.  Our instructional practices are well defined.  Our structures and routines are designed to meet the specific and unique needs of our 11-14 year old students.  Combined with the opportunities students have to participate in school activities before and after school, your child will have a rich and varied array of experiences targeted his/her interests and talents.

Your child will experience tremendous growth from the beginning of sixth grade through the end of seventh grade. The growth that you child will experience will express itself academically, socially, emotionally, and personally.  Your child should experience challenges the move him/her slightly out of their comfort zone, at times.  They should be able to, with our supports (home and school), successfully meet those challenges.  Only through these series of events will your child learn and grow.  This is how we as adults learn and grow.  This is how we all develop confidence, competence, and move towards independence.

Fasten your seat belts. Enjoy.  Communicate.  Believe.  Trust - but verify.  And rest in confidence that your child is surrounded by professional, caring, and dedicated staff.

We measure our success by the growth your child makes while at Parkview.  This is our mission, this is our purpose in life.  Thank you for sharing your most prized possession with us in what will turn out to be two very fascinating years.


Jeff Schumacher

Principal, Parkview Middle School.