• Curriculum Review Cycle

    A key responsibility of the Curriculum and Instruction Department is to facilitate the review and implementation of new and/or updated curriculum within the district. Best practice is to reveiw each subject area every seven years. .

    The intent is to review and complete identified tasks during the cycle year. On-going alignment to core, assessment, data review and adjustments will be made as needed.

  • K-12 Curriculum

    The school district regularly reviews and adopts new curriculum on a four- to seven-year cycle. Each curriculum summary may include, among other things:

    • Goal statements
    • Acceleration plans for exceptional students
    • Graduation requirements
    • Intervention plans
    • Professional development plans
    • Materials adoption plans
    • Technology incorporation
    • Assessment plans
    • Course lineation plans
    • Courses offered and course descriptions
    • Consensus maps
    • Power standards

    Listed below are the current curriculum summaries for our district: