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Jackie Black, Chief Financial Officer

  • Breaking it Down: Ankeny Board of Education and District Finances

    Posted by Jackie Black on 11/16/2018

    The Ankeny Board of Education is made up of seven dedicated members: President Lori Lovstad, Vice President Mike Rooney, and Board members Jim Ford, Dustin Graber, Brad Huss, Aaron Johnson, and Stephanie Judd. Each member is a resident of Ankeny and has a strong leadership background. I serve in the role of Board Secretary/Treasurer, which aligns with my Chief Officer of Finance position with the District. So, how does the School Board impact district finances? By approval and monitoring of the budget while ensuring funds are spent to accomplish district goals.


    The school board has various responsibilities which include approving the annual Certified Budget. School board members develop budget parameters and budget priorities that align with district priorities and policies. A budget calendar guides this development within the timelines set by law. Also, various funds and allowed uses within those funds are set by law and governmental accounting standards.


    In April each year, the school board approves the following fiscal year’s Certified Budget. At a previous meeting, the Board holds a public hearing to discuss the proposed budget and to receive public comments.


    The below revenue and expenditure graphs represent the 2017-2018 General (Major) Fund:


    Revenues Expenditures


    The General Fund revenue for the Ankeny Community School District of $123,267,189 comes from three primary sources. You will see that approximately 58% of the District’s revenue for fiscal year (FY) 2018 came from state sources. The second largest source is from the local level, which is comprised of property taxes, tuition, and fees. Local revenues account for approximately 39% of the District’s budget, with less than 3% federal funding.


    On the right, the General Fund expenditures of $121,189,929 represent approximately 60% in salary expenses and 19% in employee benefits. Additionally, purchased services such as utilities, transportation, and tuition were approximately 10%. Combined supplies and equipment expenditures total approximately 7%, with remaining 4% for Area Education Agency flowthrough.


    In FY 2018, General Fund revenues and expenditures were within 2% of being balanced.

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  • How We Earn and Keep Public Trust

    Posted by Jackie Black on 7/9/2018

    The Ankeny Community School District’s mission is to be unified in its commitment, passion and vision so every learner is prepared to achieve a lifetime of personal success. The business and finance department supports this mission by efficiently and effectively overseeing the financial management of the District. We earn the public’s trust through the clear and transparent communication of our finances and business operations.


    Over the years, the District has earned the public’s trust through many means. For example, our certified budget for this year is nearly $190 million. This information can be found on the district website and is updated annually. We make the public aware of this information ensuring how public funds support our quality educational system benefiting students and staff across our 16 academic buildings.


    Whether we are building a new elementary school, updating or renovating an existing school such as Parkview Middle School, the public should know where district resources are allocated. The district has always been, and continues to be, transparent in their spending.


    A few ways that we update the public on our financial matters:


    Ankeny Advance: published three times a year, the Ankeny Advance is mailed to all homes in the district. Detailed stories on budgets and facilities planning can be found here.


    District website: updates on projects and budget creation can be found throughout the year on the district website, including the certified budget, comprehensive annual financial report, revenue/expenditure reports, and more.


    Official budget: a copy of the finalized district budget is available on the business & finance section of the district website. A full PDF can be downloaded.


    Business office staff


    We thank the Ankeny community for their continued support and trust in the District.

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