• 2019-2020 Kindergarten

    Kindergarten is an exciting and wonderful time for your child and family. We are here to help make enrollment into kindergarten go as smoothly as possible.

    Kindergarten Meeting

    An informational kindergarten meeting for the 2019-2020 will be held on February 7, 2019, at 7:00 p.m.  If you have a child who will be five-years-old on or before September 15, 2019, please plan to attend this meeting at your current neighborhood elementary.

    To help identify your neighborhood elementary school, please see the district's current boundary map or utilize the address look-up tool.

    Locations for the meeting are listed below:

    North Feeder

    • Ashland Ridge Elementary, 2600 NW Ash Dr (965-9594)
    • Northeast Elementary, 1705 NE Trilein Dr (965-9620)
    • Northwest Elementary, 1202 W First St (965-9680)
    • Rock Creek Elementary, 3800 NW Abilene Rd (965-9629)
    • Westwood Elementary, 2920 NW Ninth St (965-9690)

    South Feeder

    • Crocker Elementary, 2910 SW Applewood St, (965-9710)
    • East Elementary, 710 SE Third St (965-9660)
    • Prairie Trail Elementary, 1850 SW College Ave (965-9605)
    • Southeast Elementary, 1005 SE Trilein Dr (965-9650)
    • Terrace Elementary, 310 NW School St (965-9670)

    This meeting is for parents/guardians only.  We ask that no children attend.  There will be events, prior to the school beginning, allowing students and their families to tour the building and meet their assigned teacher.


    Online Registration

    Starting Friday, February 1, 2019 at 8 a.m. parents will be able to start enrolling their incoming kindergartener via online registration.

    Parents are encouraged to follow the registration process completely through to enroll their eligible kindergartener even if there is uncertainty that the child may not be ready.  It is best to enroll your eligible kindergartener when registration starts and if parents/guardians decide at a later date that the child is not ready, one just has to email or call the Registrar to cancel the child's enrollment.

    **If your child is currently attending the Ankeny Community Schools preschool program, we ask that you follow the process as directed below.  The district will not automatically give your child a kindergarten enrollment as we can not assume your child will be attending kindergarten.

    Getting Started

    There are two ways to start the enrollment process on February 1.  Please follow the corresponding number that best suits your family:

    1. New to the district with no other siblings currently enrolled K-12.  This option includes those currently attending Ankeny's preschool program that do not have other siblings currently attending.
    2. Currently have actively enrolled sibling(s) in K-12

    1.  New to the District

    If you are new to the district and have no other children attending Ankeny schools or your child currently attends Ankeny's preschool program and do not have any other children in the district, please start the process by going to Ankeny Schools new family registration information.  Once on the website, click the link in the second paragraph.  You will be prompted to enter parent/guardian name, child's enrollment year (19-20) and email.  When you select Submit, you will receive an email with a link to complete the online registration. 

    2.  Actively Enrolled Siblings

    If you are enrolling a kindergarten student who has actively enrolled siblings, please start the process by logging into your Infinite Campus parent portal account.  Once logged in, in the lower left hand corner there will be an 'Online Registration' link to start the process.  Once you select this link, please choose Register Existing, make sure the registration year is 19-20, and then Begin Registration.  By choosing the 'Register Existing' option, a family will be able to review and update items on their actively enrolled child(ren) as well as adding the incoming kindergartener.  

    Please be sure to review and make any edits in the Household, Parent/Guardian and Emergency Contact sections.  In the Student section, please review and update each existing child's information first followed by clicking the blue button, Add New Student, to add your incoming kindergartener.  Once the student section is complete, choose Save/Continue followed by selecting the Submit button.  Please submit one application for the entire family. 


    Student Placement

    Due to increased enrollment at the elementary level and limited space, parents are encouraged to enroll their upcoming kindergartener based on the process set forth by the district.  If space does become an issue at a particular elementary(s) then the District follows Board Policy-501.33-Student Building Assignments in how students will be placed into other elementary buildings within the district.  Building placements for kindergarten students will be communicated via mail the second week in June.  This is also per Board Policy 501.33-Student Building Assignments.


    What is needed for Kindergarten Registration?

    Please use the Kindergarten Registration Checklist as a guide detailing the required documents necessary for enrollment.  The requried items are:

    1. Proof of child's birth* - such as a copy of a birth certificate, passport, adoption paperwork, etc. as required by Board Policy #501.20 
    2. Home Language Survey
    3. Kindergarten Informational Form This form aids the school and teacher in getting to know your child prior tothe start of kindergarten.  This form can NOT be uploaded into the online application and will need to be submitted either to your neighborhood elementary or to the Registrar.

    If applicable, please submit any legal documentation in regards to custody/guardianship, parental restrictions, etc upon enrollment.

    Health Documents *

    Any medical documents listed below that are completed, can be uploaded into your online application.  For those that will have them completed at a later date, you are welcome to submit them to your neighborhood elementary, dropping off at the District office (306 SW School St) or emailing them to the Registrar at registrar@ankenyschools.orgA kindergarten application will not be put on hold if no medical documents are provided.

    1. Immunization Record or Exemption- Iowa law requires every student enrolled to have an up-to-date certificate of immunization on file by the first day of school.  Parents should be able to show to the school nurse that the child has had at least one dose of each immunization. 
    2. Dental Screen-  Must be submitted within 60 days of the first day of school
    3. Vision Screen- Must be submitted within 60 days of the first day of school
    4. Lead Screen- No action is needed by parents as this is reported to the Iowa Department of Public Health by the child's physician.  Parents will be contacted if the child has not been screened to make an appointment.
    5. Physical- This is recommended but not required

    To read more about the health documents for incoming kindergarteners and locate the forms, please visit the health screenings page located on the District website.  If you have any questions in regards to the medical documents, please contact your neighborhood elementary nurse with any questions or concerns. 

    Proof of Residency *

    The last item requested is proof of Ankeny residency. Please see the Proof of Residency section for a list of acceptable documents.  PO Boxes do not establish residency but can be used for mailing purposes.  If your family uses a PO Box, please provide both the phsycial address as well as the PO Box number.  The district is asking ALL families with incoming kindergarteners to supply proof of residency. This even includes families that currently have actively enrolled children attending Ankeny schools.

    Most of the required documents (*) can be uploaded into your online enrollment application.  However, if you do not have the capability to upload documents or if you need copies made, please submit to the Registrar via email, dropping off at the District Office or your neighborhood elementary.


    For More Information

    Contact your neighborhood elementary, at the number listed above, with any questions or concerns about kindergarten or the enrollment process. You may also contact the Registrar at registrar@ankenyschools.org or (515) 289-8955.



    Were you looking for information on how to enroll new students to Ankeny for the current school year? Click here.