• Required District Forms and Documentation for Enrollment

    New families to the Ankeny school district need to start by completing an online registration application.  If you have not started this process, please begin HERE

    In addition to the online registration, please follow the provided registration checklist to ensure you have all of the necessary items and provide the appropriate documentation:

    Due to enrollment shifts or programming needs (English learners, special education, etc), any newly enrolled elementary student(s) to the district may be assigned to a school which is not their neighborhood school.  Please contact the registrar for more information and clarification.  You may also refer to Board Policy #501.33 - Student Building Assignments.

  • Home Language Survey
    A home language survey is a required document that must be completed with enrollment.  The survey is available in multiple languages.
    Home Language Survey - English Version- One language version of this form must be completed for all students who wish to enroll.
      **Please note that if another language is indicated on this survey, your child will be assessed to determine if they would qualify for language support services.
    The other available versions of the home language survey are: