• Pre-Algebra - Mr. Luttenegger

    Welcome to Pre-Algebra class! We will all work together to focus on topics important for success in future math classes. Genreral unit topics are given below. Students can look forward to discussions with teachers and other students duing class time to help develop confidence and an enjoyment of mathematics. Students will work out of a packet that will be provided to them each unit and will want to have a scientific calculator (TI-30XIIS preferred) for the course.


  • PRE-ALGEBRA HOMEWORK CALENDAR              Hawk logo

    For homework assignments, please visit the SVMS Weekly Homework Calendar and select         Math: Algebra 1 / Pre-Algebra   under the Core Classes dropdown menu.


Unit Topics
Unit 1: The Tools of Algebra
Unit 2: Integers
Unit 3: Fractions
Unit 4: Solving Equations
Unit 5: Solving Multi-Step Equations/Inequalities
Unit 6: Ratios and Proportions
Unit 7: Percents
Unit 8: Linear Functions and Graphing
Unit 9: Powers
Unit 10: Statistics
Unit 11: Looking Ahead to Algebra 1
  • 2018-19 Pre-Algebra Course Syllabus

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