Here is an overview of the registration process:

    January 2020
    Beginning Monday, January 27 at 6 p.m. CST, you may pre-register here. You will enter information about your student (name, date of birth, parent’s names, contact information) and whether you prefer morning or afternoon preschool.

    Once you submit, we will receive your registration with a date and time stamp. This is not an official enrollment; you are requesting a spot for your child.

    February 2020
    Week of February 3: Once we review all the submissions, we will notify you via email whether you have a reserved spot or are on the waitlist. This is based on the date and time stamp of the pre-registration.

    If you have a reserved spot, you will be asked to complete the online registration in Infinite Campus. You will also be asked to provide the following required documents: proof of residency, proof of birth, Home Language Survey, physical exam, and immunization record. Read more about these documents here.

    Once you have submitted the online registration and all required paperwork (proof of residency, proof of birth, Home Language Survey, physical exam, and immunization record), we will confirm your spot in the preschool program.

    March 2020
    March 31: Preschool Parent Meeting for the purpose of dropping off documents: CANCELLEDPlease mail copies of your documents to:  Attn: Preschool Office, Ashland Ridge Elementary, 2600 NW Ash Drive, Ankeny, Iowa 50023

    April 2020
    April 15: The deadline for online enrollment and all docs submitted has been EXTENDED.  (Previous deadline was April 1st.  The new deadline is April 15th.)

    April 20-30: Communication from the Preschool Office to families with missing documents or enrollment to make sure the PK Office did not miss an email prior to releasing a reserved spot in the program.

    May 2020

    May 1: We will begin offering any available spots to those on the wait list. This notification will come via email, and families will have 24 hours to accept or decline the placement.

    Summer 2020
    You will receive communication regarding the name of your child’s teacher and specific session times, as well as other dates to reserve for the fall.