• On January 14, the 88th Iowa General Assembly convenes.  Parents in Ankeny often express their interest in supporting the school district.

    One way to help is to advocate for pro-education legislation.  While many areas have an impact on the school district, the School Administrators of Iowa compiled legislative priorities due to the effect they have on our resources. 

    The top priorities as they relate to Ankeny:

    • The removal of the sunset for Secure an Advanced Vision for Education (SAVE), the statewide penny sales tax for school infrastructure.  Without this, the district would be required to hold more bond issues due to the exponential growth in Ankeny.
    • An increase in Supplemental State Aid (SSA) to provide adequate resources.  The legislature needs to set SSA within the statutory requirements, so the district can make sound financial decisions. 
    • Addressing the growing teacher shortage throughout the state.

    These resources further explain these issues and their impact to our district, including contact information for Ankeny legislators.  Our hope in providing this information is to assist our citizens in participating in informed conversations with our legislators. Ultimately, strong education legislation will assist us in our goal of preparing all learners for a lifetime of personal success.

    Thank you for advocating for all students in our community,

    Lori Lovstad
    Ankeny Board of Education

    Dr. Bruce A. Kimpston
    Ankeny Community School District