• Human Growth and Development Education

    Health curriculum is an important part of the K-12 curriculum in the Ankeny schools. Major topics addressed are personal health; food and nutrition; environmental health; safety and survival skills; consumer health; family life and human sexuality; substance use, misuses and nonuse; emotional and social well-being; prevention and control of diseases; and health resources and careers.

    Under Iowa law, a student is not required to take instruction in the human growth and development portion of the health education curriculum if the parent or guardian requests the student be excused. A form to request this excuse may be obtained in the principal’s office in each attendance center.

    The course of study and the health textbooks used to guide the health curriculum may be examined upon request in the Administration Offices.

    Please contact your building principal or the Chief Officer of Academic Services, 306 SW School St. (515) 965-9600 for further information.