• Ankeny Schools Strategic Plan

    Beginning in 2010, members of the Ankeny Community including parents, business leaders, educators, students, alumni, religious leaders, retirees and others have joined together to create a district strategic plan for the future of the Ankeny Community School District. The goal of the process was not only to create a mission and vision for the immediate future, or one that reflected a particular administration, but one that was representative of the community and long-lasting - one which goals and objectives could be based for the long run.

    The plan should not, however, be just a pretty mission and/or vision hanging on the wall.  It should be an actionable plan that outlines how to achieve the mission and vision of the district and what to measure to ensure it is being fulfilled. The plan includes

    • A mission, vision, core values
    • A theory of action and strategic directions
    • Vision cards for measurement, and over time,
    • Past results as benchmarks. 

    This process is ongoing and will be revised over time to drive the focus, decisions and actions of the district. As more elements of this plan are developed or revised, the information will be found here.

    In addition to the links found in this section, you can view and print a .pdf version of the Ankeny School District's strategic plan here.

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