• School Boundaries Overview

    The schools a student will attend are based on his or her address of residence. The tools and information on this page are designed to help you understand the "feeder system" in which you live and which school building you will attend. Select from an overview map, or a street-level version that includes more detail.

    Please note, however, maps that show street-level detail are a larger file size that will take longer to download.

    Current Boundaries Maps - Board Approved November 2, 2015

  • Address Look-Up Tool

    The school that a student attends (the "feeder system") are based on the student's home address. The link below can help you determine which building a student will attend in any given year.

    Enter the student's home address including city and click the search button to get assigned schools; or click the map to get assigned schools at any location.

    Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this tool. The school district reserves the right to make final school assignment determinations.  If you have any questions contact the district registrar at 289-8955 to help ensure correct information.