• Grade Reporting in Infinite Campus

    Composition of Grades

    • Grades will reflect only the student’s level of academic achievement in relation to the course standards. Academic grades will not be based on behaviors such as work habits, participation, social development, attendance, or organization.
    • A tool is being developed to allow teachers to report employability skills (behaviors). These behaviors will be communicated through Infinite Campus but will not factor into the student’s academic grade.

    Formative vs. Summative

    • What is a formative assessment? Formative assessments are formal and informal checks for understanding that take place throughout instruction on a standard. They are used primarily to inform the teacher, parent, and student on the student’s progress toward the standard. Because formative assessments take place before instruction on the standard is completed, they will not factor into the student’s final grade. Formative assessments can be in the form of daily practice, quizzes, lesson warm-ups, in-class tasks, etc.
    • What is a summative assessment? Summative assessments take place at the conclusion of instruction on a standard. They are used primarily to determine the level of academic achievement and assign a grade. Summative assessments can also take on many forms: projects, tests, papers, performances, etc. Please note: some homework assignments are summative in nature.
    • In summary, formative assessments occur during an instructional sequence and summative assessments occur after an instructional sequence.

    Why report both formative and summative?

    • Both formative and summative assessments have traditionally been reported, and that practice will continue. Formative assessments are not factored into the calculation of the final grade. Continuing to report formative assessments allows the student and parent to be informed on the student’s progress toward the standard, so they can respond in a timely manner.

    In-Progress Grade vs. Final Grade

    • When viewing grades in Infinite Campus, keep in mind that grades are not final until the end of the semester. In grades 6-8, the 18-week grade becomes the semester grade at the conclusion of the semester. In grades 9-12, the semester grade will include the 18-week grade and a semester exam grade.


    • Progress reports: In-progress grades will be officially reported at least every six weeks. The most current grade will always appear in the 18-week grading task for grades 8-12 and in the semester grade for grades 6-7.
    • Missing assignments: Every Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. (on Tuesdays when school is in session), Infinite Campus will generate emails to inform parents/guardians of missing assignments regardless of their weight in the student’s grade.

    Gradebook details

    • Categories/Weighting
      • Scores that appear in red in Infinite Campus indicate a formative assessment or behavior that is not used in the calculation of the final grade.
      • Scores that appear in black in Infinite Campus indicate a summative assessment and are the scores used to calculate final grades.
      • In order to reflect the importance of content standards and communicate student progress in specific standard areas, summative assessments may be grouped into standard categories (e.g. reading, writing, speaking, and listening).