• Navigating the Student Portal

    Once logged in, a student will see the following options in the portal. (Some features, such as schedules and grade books, are only available during the school year.)

    Navigate Portal 1 Message Notices

    • Displayed on page when first log in Also under Family > Messages
    • District, School and Teacher notices are displayed on the users’ home portal screen.
    • The windows need to be toggled open to view the messages.

    Navigating Parent Portal Calendar (no screen shot)

    • Under Student Name > Calendar
    • Icons on specific dates indicate attendance (yellow bell) and grade book entries (red A+).




    Navigating Parent Portal Schedule/Grade Book

    • Under Student Name > Schedule
    • The student’s schedule is listed for the entire academic year.
    • To view the course grade book, click on the Course Name in the schedule. The grade book is set up in the terms for the course. Overall grades are listed in the top table for the term. Green is the final
      posted grade; yellow is in-progress and white is not available yet.
    • Questions about assignments and grades should be directed to the course teacher. If there is an envelope link in the class schedule, you may click on it to send the teacher an email (depending on your computer settings).


    Navigating Parent Portal Attendance

    • Under Student Name > Attendance
    • The student’s attendance is listed in calendar format and also can be viewed as a summary in the lower window. Attendance issue dates are highlighted in colors according to the key under the calendars. Dates can be clicked on to see more details.
    • Attendance questions should be directed to the school office staff.


    Assessment (no screen shot)

    • Under Student Name > Assessment
    • The student’s test scores from states tests can be found in this area.


    Navigating Parent Portal Reports

    • Under Student Name > Reports
    • Reports that may be available as PDF files include Missing Assignments,
      Transcripts (Secondary Students), Report Cards, and Class Schedule.