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  • Neveln Center, Inc.

    Welcome to the Neveln Center section of the Community Education Department. Use the links under the Neveln Center to access information about tenants, room rental and the history of the Neveln Center.

  • Neveln Center Inc. History

    The Neveln Center, Inc. is the oldest public building in the city of Ankeny that is owned by the Ankeny Community School District. Through a 28E agreement there is a Neveln Center Inc. Board. The 60,000 sq. foot, three story school building was erected in 1919. The building houses resources to centrally locate services, unlike any other.

    Services Centrally Located

    The Neveln Center, Inc. houses not-for-profit tenants that serve the needs of area families on multiple levels. This provides a central location for resources which are accessible to everyone in the community.

    Services include a Head Start program, senior center, a clothing pantry called TAKE, extended brain injury support, SIDS bereavement support, juvenile crime prevention, adult day care, counseling and referral resource for at-risk children. For a full listing please view the tenant list on this website.

    The Ankeny Community Education Department rents and/or leases space to not-for-profit organizations for a minimal fee. These fees are set to cover costs of keeping the building open and maintaining the structure.

    The building is also used for Community Education Department enrichment courses and school district classes.

Neveln History